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PenisHealth Review

PenisHealth Review by Peter Fentz

Exercises are one of the most effective, and fastest ways to add inches to your penis. However, you cannot use any technique that you wish. For exercises to be effective they need to be targeted and performed as accurately as possible.

This is why we recommend the PenisHealth program to you as a detailed and easy-to-follow guide to natural male enhancement.

PenisHealth helps you:

Add up to 3 inches in length and girth
Improve your erection hardness for rock hard erections on demand
Gain control over your ejaculations so you always climax at the right time
Boost your confidence so you can approach any woman

This program is perfect for you if you wish to enlarge your penis completely naturally and want to spend as little as possible doing so. Costing as little as $69.95 you can start adding inches and improving your sexual performance today with instant online access.

The great thing about PenisHealth is that you can take things at your own pace, if you want faster gains then you just up your intensity and gain that confidence quicker. If you have a busy life then you can still fit your exercises in to your daily routine without disruption and yet you can still achieve the penis of your dreams.

PenisHealth gives you:

35 targeted and powerful exercises for fast penis growth
300+ videos and photos to help you get the most out of every exercise
9 recommended routines to make it easy for you to gain
Online and DVD access for the ultimate in convenience
100% 6 month guarantee making your purchase no-risk.

Remember the last time you went to the urinals and felt completely inferior? You felt like every other guy in there was at least twice your size and they were all laughing at your small penis right?

Well, imagine the confidence as you walk in there with a few extra inches below. No more choosing the cubical for privacy, the confidence your bigger penis brings means you actually choose a cubical next to two other guys. You want them to see because you want THEM to feel inferior.

This is the kind of confidence that radiates in to other areas of your life, approaching that woman you see every week at the grocery store can become easy once you have the bigger penis you desire.

PenisHealth is the most professional program we have ever seen and it is obvious a lot of work has been put in to make sure the exercises give you big gains in double-quick time.

Your life could be about to change for the better but only if you take action and order PenisHealth today. There is no use feeling sorry for yourself. The answer to your penis size problems is here staring straight back at you. Click the link below and get instant access to the exercises that can help you become the ultra-confident man.

Verdict: PenisHealth is highly recommended as the easy,
low-cost way to enlarge your penis.

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PenisDevelopment Review

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about the PenisDevelopment program.

I knew it was a natural penis enhancement program but knew very little else.

I decided to test it out myself and here is my review…

PenisDevelopment Review by Peter Fentz

Product Name: Penisdevelopment “Adds real, permanent size to your penis – naturally and easily”


What It Does:
Health Solutions claims this is the best enlargement program on the market.

“Users of the Penisdevelopment program experience tremendous benefits. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers, guys who keep coming back and telling us how this product has changed their life. We had one guy gain over 4 inches in length in about 14 months. That’s really impressive!”

When asked what direct benefits can be seen by the average user, here’s what we found.

The average user can expect:
Real, permanent size increases. Roughly 2-3 inches on average.
PD develops sexual stamina you can see and feel.
It promotes increased ejaculation amounts.
PD creates explosive sexual power.
It helps regain your youthful sexual experiences and energy as you become larger and more sexually satisfied.

Program Properties:
The Penisdevelopment program gives you instant access to several dozen size building exercises, along with those that add length, girth, and control premature ejaculation. In addition to the complete program, Penisdevelopment offers several nice bonuses which I really liked…

Bonus #1
With each order they include a Full-Length DVD with all the exercises on it. This DVD is extremely high quality. Each and every exercise is fully illustrated by a male model – so you can visually see how each exercise should be done. Use this DVD when you want to review the exercises in great detail. A $78.00 value, yours FREE. They ship this directly to you free of charge.

Bonus #2
You receive full access to the PD online member’s only forum. This forum has thousands of users and even more posts. Hear firsthand from other users and their success stories. A great way to share experiences and techniques! See for yourself how large some guys are getting using this program.

Guarantee is the first thing I check before buying a product. It helps give me peace of mind when purchasing online. I looked at the guarantee on the Penisdevelopment website before buying and everything seemed in order. Their basically offering 100% money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with the results within 6 months. This is a great offer and shows their program really works.

Quote from their website:
“We so firmly believe that our techniques can improve your life; we stand behind our product with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied after using the program for 6 months, then we’ll gladly refund your money!”

Overall Product Score:
I really like this product for several reasons. They are honest, straightforward with their claims, have a money back guarantee, and offer bonuses above and beyond the average order. I definitely recommend this product – I give this five out of five stars. It was straightforward on its claims and I think this is a product all men can relate to at one time or another. It’s a nice product to have on hand when you want to impress that special someone. I’ll definitely be using it regularly!

Visit the official site now by clicking here!

Climinax Review

Hey guys…

I just tried Climinax and here’s my review. I hope it helps…

Climinax Review by Peter Fentz

Every man wishes they could last longer during sexual intercourse with their partner. When you get tired of that look of disappointment when you have prematurely ejaculated, you start to withdraw and just don’t want to go through that shame and embarrassment again. Climinax doesn’t have any side effects, no creams to rub on yourself, no prescription drugs, no secret exercise techniques, no gizmos to use on yourself, and better yet, as much as men like to do it, no endless masturbation sessions with yourself.

Pill Properties

CliminaxCliminax comes in very nice, plain package. The bottle is white and plastic with an attractive blue and white label detailing their name, the description of the pills, along with the correct dosage in each pill. The pills were in a brown, capsule form and power-packed with Climinax’s herbal formula.

Product Quality

Climinax offers high-quality, all-natural active ingredients that have been extracted from plans all over the world. These plants are recognized and classified by the Food and Drug Administration as being safe dietary supplements that are also considered a food.

Product Effectiveness

Climinax is an effective sexual enhancement product by the way of being blended with all-natural ingredients that help to extend your climax time, making your sex life much more exciting, and reducing all that disappointment one feels when you have premature ejaculation, as well as giving your confidence a boost!


CliminaxAfter hardly any waiting for the pills to arrive, Climinax was shipped by Fed Ex to the front door. The box that Climinax arrived in was packed tightly in a FedEx box. Once the box was opened, the bottle was taken out and was inspected to make sure there were no breaks in the seal. The bottle was clean and the seal had not been broken. Then the seal was broken and the cap removed, and some cotton was pulled from the inside to protect the pills. The makers of Climinax, Health Solutions shows superior salesmanship and has gone all the way to make sure their product retains total quality during shipping and while it’s being used to prevent premature ejaculation.


With many clinical studies, and over 150 articles that support it’s claims, Climinax guarantees your satisfaction with a 100% unconditional, no questions asked, money-back guarantee within the first sixty days. All one has to do is return any unused portion of the supplement.


There are so many benefits Climinax that no other product can come close to what Climinax has to offer. It gives you more time to that lasting performance to orgasm together with your partner in order to gain the intimacy and bond a relationship needs to grow. You also get more of a chance of inseminating a woman – or getting her pregnant, if you are not prematurely ejaculating. Never worry again about those embarrassing, gooey creams, those tedious exercises, and long masturbation sessions with just you present, or all those weird contraptions you have to put on your penis.

Climinax is recommended as a superb sexual enhancement product that will help curb or prevent those premature ejaculations in men. Climinax exceeds sexual enhancement product standards with a pill power-packed with FDA-approved therapeutic plants and backed by a company that will push the envelope to provide a great product that will help men for a long time to come.

Interested in trying Climinax yourself? Click here to order your supply…

Tips for a Bigger Penis

Achieving girth gains is a vital part of any penis enhancement program. Having a large girth not only looks good and complements length gains but also can add greater enjoyment to sex for both partners.

If you’re wondering how to get a bigger penis, then the answer is simple: a combination of stretching devices and exercise can do the trick for 99% of the men. Aside from penis stretchers many men would also benefit from some Jelqing.

But these exercises take time, a lot of time actually. You have to be committed to a routine and you will have to find enough time as many times a week as recommended to see major improvements. Of course the big question for everybody is whether or not they will actually get to have a bigger penis.

You will have a bigger penis, never doubt that. Thousands of men have already tried and they can testify that exercising your penis while also using a good traction device is all you need to do to achieve a longer penis.

If you really think a lot about this, if you find yourself constantly talking to yourself thinking “I have to get a bigger penis”, then you owe it to yourself to at least try to do something about it. Penis enhancement has to do with your self esteem. Any man wants to impress and wants to be appreciated by his partner, but more than anything, any man wants to feel good about him.

Most of the guys who start penis enlargement exercises don’t do it because their partners asked them to do so or because they feel inadequate compared to other men. They just want to be bigger and better than they are. It’s something they have to prove themselves they can do!

Traction devices are safe and they work. They have been proven excellent in extending body parts for thousands of years. You can choose to extend anything at all – it works very well. Many people contend that the penis cannot be enlarged by exercises because the penis contains no muscle tissue, so it cannot be exercised.

This is absolutely wrong. Tribe people around the world have used stretching techniques to elongate their ears, lips, necks and even penises, yes. And even today stretching is an important method in orthopedic procedures. It can force the growth of new bone tissue.

But do the penis extenders really help when it comes to adding girth to your penis?
For many men the question is not so much in gaining length, but in gaining girth. If you want to know how to get a bigger penis head, then you will be happy to find out that some extenders do work for you both ways.

Not all extenders are equal however, so when you want to shop for one, try to do your researches thoroughly and only buy superior devices that come with a whole package of instructions and exercises.

This way you will be sure you will make the most of your time and you will successfully achieve your goal, be it to have a longer or a thicker penis or both.

To discover a clinically proven way to enlarge your penis, visit

Does PenisAdvantage Work?

I swear, if you’d have asked me about penis enlargement a few months ago, I wouldn’t have reacted well at all. That’s because I think I’ve probably tried more useless junk than any other guy out there. Pills, suction things, creams, everything. The only thing I didn’t try, thankfully, was surgery.

Ask me about the subject of penis enlargement now, though, and I’m much more positive and happy to reply! That’s because of PenisAdvantage, which offers a new approach to achieving new size down below. Unlike so many other things, PenisAdvantage is totally natural and safe. You use specially designed exercises to work your penis out (almost like you’d lift weights at a gym! But not for one moment are they suggesting your penis is a muscle). It works by breaking down the cells and stretching ligaments on a microscopic level which your body then builds up again, only stronger and bigger this time. And the great thing about these techniques and routines is that they’ve been road-tested hundreds and hundreds of times. You’ve only got to check out their testimonials and member’s chat room to read about the dozens and dozens of collective inches guys have successfully created using the PenisAdvantage system.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge, you get access to the guide, which is super easy to follow and use. They say on the site that you get instant access but I wasn’t expecting it to be as instant as it turned out to be! Before I’d blinked twice I was able to start adding size to my penis. Good stuff – my girlfriend hasn’t stopped thanking me for becoming a member! You really should check it out, this stuff actually works.

Naturopath Gives His Own Review of VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is Naturopath Approved!!!

I’ve made my own VigRX Plus review but I’m no naturopath…

But here’s the review by a real naturopath…

Luke Adams,
D.Div., Naturopath
Endorsement: VigRX Plus

“Like most men, I feel the pressure of expectations to be ever-ready, potent, and “bigger than life.” As a naturopath, I wanted to find a product that would make use of the principles of botanical medicine and would be safe, non-toxic, effective and, if necessary, reversible. I searched for a product that would contain the combination of botanicals which I would use if I were compounding the formula myself.

Many of the popular nutraceutical size and potency enhancers on the market contain yohimbe, and some contain caffeine or other stimulants. Enzyte, in particular, contains a considerable amount of yohimbe. Over time, caffeine and other stimulants in additional daily doses can impair sexual performance rather than enhance it. In the medical literature, yohimbe and its derivatives are even referred to as “the ideal anxiety-producing substances.” None of that bodes well for increased size, endurance, and drive. I want to thank the knowledgeable people who formulated VigRX Plus for choosing a combination that covers all the bases, and includes protection for the prostate, while excluding the ultra-stimulants and anxiety-producing agents that ultimately dampen libido.

My own experience with VigRX Plus produced noticeable results after the first day. My erection was firmer and longer-lasting, my libido was enhanced, and the thickness, volume, and duration of my ejaculation was increased. After two weeks of using the product, I noticed a sustained increase in my size when flaccid — perhaps a half inch or so. In addition, both my penis and scrotum have become thicker and more supple. I also have the kind of sustained interest in sex, even after the first ejaculation, that is not ordinarily possible with legitimate supplementation. As you might imagine, my partner is appreciative, as am I. I continue to use your product, and continue to see improving results. I can heartily endorse VigRX Plus.

I think the additions you have included in your new product VigRX Plus, Damiana (which tweaks norepinephrine and acts as a mild aphrodisiac), Tribulus (which increases Leutenizing Hormone and thus increases free testosterone production), and Bioperine (a powerful antioxidant, a mild appetite suppressant, and an absorptive adjunct) are very good choices. I certainly would have made them myself.”

Thank you,

Luke Adams,
D.Div., Naturopath

You can get your own supply of VigRX Plus pills by clicking here…

VigRX Plus is Endorsed by Doctors (video)

Here’s a video of an episode of Health World News where clinical psychologist Dr. Michael A. Carter and family therapist Marsella Fernandez give their endorsement of VigRX Plus.

Check out my own VigRX Plus Review

or visit the VigRX site for more information on how you can get your own supply of VigRX Plus pills…

VigRX Plus Review

I recently bought the diamond package of VigRX Plus because of the reasonable price and all the free bonuses that came with the package.

I was also looking for a product that with natural ingredients and no side effects of which the manufacturers claimed was true.

I got my package shipped to me fast in a discrete and sturdy package. To be honest, almost every company that I have purchased penis enhancement products from have shipped timely so this was nothing special.

I was most interested in if the product actually worked as described or if all the testimonials on the site were just BS.

I took the pills and didn’t notice anything noticeable for the first few days.

By about the third day I started noticing improvements sexually.

I previously had problems maintaining an erection after consuming alcohol so I was quite impressed when I had no problem for the first time upon the fifth day of taking the pills.

I really didn’t see much change in my penis size for the first week. Then I saw a gradual gain.

No, I did not gain an inch overnight. My partner was the first to say something about what she thought was a bigger girth during sex.

I caved in and started measuring every other day. I found that I was achieving a continuous gradual increase in length and girth. We’re talking a millimeter here and there.

But after the first month all those small increases seemed to add up.

I eventually reached what I determined was a plateau after six weeks. If I did not take my pills, I would see a gradual decrease in size so I knew the VigRX Plus pills were ther reason for my improvements.

So there is my review. I’m still using the pills now and will probably buy another diamond package in the coming month when my supply ends.

You can get your own supply of VigRX Plus pills by clicking here…

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction. There is disagreement on what exactly qualifies as premature ejaculation – some doctors or sex experts say that it’s coming after a few minutes, others say it’s coming before your partner. 30% of men live with premature ejaculation, according to a survey conducted by the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS). Unlike erectile dysfunction, which in most cases is physiological, premature ejaculation is more from lack of practice in controlling their orgasm. But like erectile dysfunction, the biggest harm premature ejaculation causes is to a man’s confidence.

There are a few techniques that have been proven useful, and are helpful whether the problem is chronic or only from time to time, such as with a new partner.

One form men have employed to halt getting off prematurely is to masturbate before sex. Young guys can get off several times a day, no problem, but for older men who’ve never learned ways to halt their orgasms before now, there just aren’t the same reserves.

The most common of all methods in fighting premature ejaculation is to think about something different. I’m sure you’ve heard the line “Just think about baseball.” I’m sure you’ve even tried it at one time or another. And it may have worked, even. This method should be used in times of emergency, when all else has failed, but we want you to enjoy sex more, not less.

Thicker condoms are probably the easiest fix of all. The thicker the condom the less sensitivity, making it harder for you to get off and thus making sex last longer. Have you seen the ads for thinner condoms, claiming they increase sensitivity? While it is effective in a sense, it’s also similar to thinking about baseball – the method’s success is built around you enjoying sex less. This also doesn’t fix the problem, it simply masks it. Why not try a technique that really works without dulling your enjoyment?

It’s going to take a little work before you’re at the top of your game, but it will be worth it. The start and stop method and breathing exercises are both crucial. First practice the start and stop before masturbation. Masturbate as normal, but this time as you feel yourself coming, stop. When you’ve calmed down a bit, as in you’re no longer close to orgasm but are still hard, continue. Do the same thing again. See how long you can do this for. With practice, how long you can hold yourself orgasm will increase. Practice with a partner is crucial. While you’re having sexual intercourse, stop when you feel yourself starting to come. While inside them, have you and your partner keep still. Kissing and caressing can still continue. Start moving again once you feel yourself calm enough but still hard.

Breathing is so vital to holding off getting off. Breathing through your mouth increases heart rate and signals to your body that you’re ready. By breathing through your nose in steady breaths, you’re in control. Like with the start and stop method, practice is vital. If this is a little too hard, try breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose.

For those who want to go the extra mile in extending sex, and thus enjoying it for longer, there is meditation. Meditation has been used for hundreds of years in sexual practice. I’m sure you’ve heard of Sting, the lead singer of the Police, claiming he has sex with his wife for hours. This is due to tantric sex, a part of Tantra which is a tradition of Hinduism and other belief systems rooted in Asia. Extremely difficult and intense to learn, it is only one example in which meditation will help your sex life.

ProSolution Gel™ can be incorporated with any of the above exercises, or in times of rare overexcitement. Not only does it hold off orgasm, but it increases blood flow to the penis creating a firmer, fuller erection, as well as increasing sensation. Sensation and erection that you are now in control of, finally.

The most important thing to keep in mind is practice, no matter the method you decide to use. While it doesn’t seem like breathing exercises during masturbation are going to please your partner, it can bring you better sex than you’ve had in the past. Believe us, your girlfriend will thank you.

How often do you need use ProSolution Gel?

Herbal supplements are great for increasing your sex drive, stamina, and staying hard when you’re having difficulties on your own. But sometimes you only need a boost now and again, and if so, why take a supplement everyday if you don’t need it? With ProSolution Gel™, only use the product when necessary. No needing to remember to take your supplement. Best part is, it works almost instantly.

Use ProSolution Gel™ when you’re with someone new, have consumed too much alcohol, or just want to add some fun. The gel is formulated to increase blood flow to the penis, increase sexual desire, create a harder and fuller erection, and put a stop to premature ejaculation. This product is sure to add a little something to your climaxes in a way you never imagined before.

This product isn’t just for when you need a little help- use it even when you don’t have to, just to add a little power. It doesn’t increase your size like a supplement can, but the gel, by increasing blood flow to the penis, creates a thicker and full erection, every time.

The gel, incorporating the qualities of many plants including aloe vera extract, bearberry extract, algae extract, and mango butter, works in seconds. To use ProSolution Gel™, all you do is apply several drops to your penis, and massage thoroughly.

Just like lube, but not. Can your lube get you harder in seconds? We didn’t think so. Just like a supplement, but not – you don’t have to remember to take it everyday. With ProSolution Gel™, get the benefits without the hassle.

With ProSolution Gel™‘s money back guarantee, there’s no reason not to try it. If you decide that the product doesn’t work for you within six months, then simply return it for a full refund.

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